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Hi, I’m graphical design graduate, however I like to focus more towards illustration and comics fields. Even having a Manga style, I often mix some different features moderately so that I can get an “own Manga”. My favorite authors are Osamu Tezuka, Buichi Terazawa, Ryoichi Ikegami, Tsukasa Hojo, Mazakazu Katzura and Adam Warren. I think Shirov is awesome too. Another comic artists like Milo Manara and Pierre Noyer (Renoy) have given me some influence too.  As personal interest, I have focused my studies toward the field of Illustration, Comics and Animation, showing a deliberate tendency toward the Manga style, what has taken me to consider their principles and fundamental basis with the intention of finding a personal style that stays within these parameters, keeping in mind the knowledge and the proper handling of graphic techniques and representation in favor of the narrative development, this has also taken me to consider the thematic of scripts creation.


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  1. Hola señor Santiago, es un placer habla Marisabel Torres una estudiante de Artes Mención Diseño Gráfico de la Universidad Arturo Michelena que anda haciendo una tesis sobre el diseño de una revista que informe sobre el Cómic Venezolano a los estudiantes de dicha universidad.

    En la sección de portafolio incluí sus datos, su trayectoria y su desempeño a nivel laboral, entre otros de manera resumida (después de todo es una propuesta). Debo decir que me agrada mucho su trabajo y los estilos que maneja.

    Atentamente Marisabel Torres
    Twitter: @Akai_Syrian
    DeviantArt: Akai-Mariberu

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